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What is Non-Trucking Liability?

Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) Insurance will pay for property damage or bodily injury in the event of an accident when the driver/truck is not under dispatch and on personal time. The coverage can apply with or without a trailer and is in the form of an endorsement on a commercial policy.

If you are an independent owner-operator that hauls property under a motor carriers' authority, either permanently or on a short-term basis, you will need Non-Trucking Liability to have your wheels moving while not on dispatch. The Dept of Transportation requires you to have your truck insured against liability losses to a person or to their property. If you are getting your oil changed, truck washed, driving from your home to the yard for pickup, or any other personal use, you need Non-Trucking Liability insurance.

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Are there exceptions and restrictions?

Non-Trucking Liability doesn't provide liability coverage for business use or when hauling any type of cargo. Driving to and from the terminal, fueling up, traveling for maintenance or vehicle servicing, driving during layovers, dead heading (driving without a load), and washing your truck all might be considered using the vehicle for a business purpose. These activities typically would be covered by the motor carrier's general liability insurance.

NTL doesn't apply when you're pulling a loaded trailer, operating on behalf of a trucking company or using a vehicle for any revenue generating purpose. These types of activities are covered by primary trucking liability insurance.

Non-Trucking Liability insurance isn't available on policies with an FHWA (federal/ICC), MCS-90, SR-22 or state filing.

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