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 Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause

  • This is the industry’s most popular method for acquiring commercial equipment. Over 80% of businesses embrace the advantages of leasing primarily to reduce expensive upfront costs as well as to create a trade cycle that ensures acquiring the most technically advanced equipment on the market.

  • A TRAC lease gives the purchaser the option to buy the vehicle at a predetermined value at the end of the lease or to trade up to new equipment.

  • A TRAC lease can be considered an operating lease or a capitalized lease on your financial statements so you can consider this as an off balance sheet financing.

  • TRAC lease payments can be completely expensed, an advantage most companies realize with leasing as opposed to financing their equipment.

  • Terms up to 72 months on qualified vehicles.

Full Advantage T.R.A.C.

  • Only Crossroads is able to offer the Full Advantage T.R.A.C lease. It is perfect for businesses that want to be proactive when it comes to their fleet maintenance needs.

  • The Full Advantage T.R.A.C. Lease takes a traditional T.R.A.C. lease and add’s the maintenance aspects of a Full Maintenance Lease. Also, removing the limitations on mileage restrictions or worrying about the items like tire tread at the lease-end.

  • You spec equipment that is right for your business and Crossroads creates a cost-effective payment structure that includes a stated lease-end purchase option.

  • Month payments are fixed with an added variable for mileage charges (charged per mile).

  • Maintenance services are scheduled based on vehicle use, which assist to maximize the lifecycle of the equipment.

  • Additional Benefits Include:

    • Predictable Monthly Expense

    • Preventative & Breakdown Maintenance

    • 24/7 Roadside Assistance & Towing

    • Convenient Service Scheduling

    • Skilled, factory-trained technicians

  • Change Ways to Purchase to Advantages to Different Purchasing Options.



  • Leasing can provide minimal upfront costs and lower monthly payments than traditional financing.

  • Off balance sheet financing allows for an improved net worth.

  • Generally equipment lease payments are considered operating expenses and may be 100% tax deductible for most businesses

  • Conserve cash and maximize cash flow! This is the goal of all successful businesses. Leasing is designed to conserve cash and to provide a replacement schedule for updated and more efficient equipment.

  • You never know when you may need cash to cover expenses (engine repairs, medical expenses, taxes, license fees, insurance costs, etc); or to use cash to invest in your business (pre-pay expenses, additional equipment, equipment improvements, employee salaries or bonuses to the owner); or simply to build cash reserves to help with any economic downturns.

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